Mission Statement: The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour desires to be a community of Christians whose faith is active in love.

COVID-19 – Our Pandemic Response

We have:

  • Begun to offer digital devotionals and Sunday services via the website and the congregation’s YouTube and Facebook pages.
  • The church is sanitized on a regular basis.
  • We’ve restricted access to the building.
  • We’ve opened up the mail slot in the narthex to permit dropped-off offerings.
  • The pastor only makes in-person visits in cases of emergency or dire circumstances.

An Invitation,
How are you practicing social distancing or social isolation? E-mail a picture of you and/or your family involved in an activity during this time of pandemic-induced restrictions, and we’ll share it here.

The picture can be of you playing solitaire or reading, or it can be of your home, in-home worship life.

Please, if you are feeling inspired, e-mail the photo to the Church Office. lcos1049@gmail.com

This would help, despite the social distancing, to be connected, as we enter into the Holiest of Weeks. We are Church!

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