Mission Statement: The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour desires to be a community of Christians whose faith is active in love.

About Us

Our congregation belongs to the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC).

What to Expect

When you enter the building on a Sunday morning, you will be greeted by a member of the congregation. One of our ushers will offer first-time visitors a welcome kit (it contains information about the congregation and the outreach we perform), hand you a bulletin for the service and help you find your place in the sanctuary. The usher will be happy to answer any question you might have about the service or the congregation. You are also invited to join us for coffee, tea and goodies during fellowship after the service.

Our Sunday Worship Service follows the framework of the Evangelical Lutheran liturgy – found in the red hymnals we use (located in the racks on the back of each row of pews).

Our usual Sunday service includes:

The Gathering

The Apostle’s Greeting – This is when the pastor welcomes all those in attendance.

Kyrie/Hymn of Praise – Depending on the time of the church year, a Kyrie (which is a sung prayer for God’s mercy) and/or a Hymn of Praise may be sung.

The Prayer of the Day – This is a prayer that relates to the day’s lesson and is offered in unison by the congregation.

Children’s Lesson – The pastor offers a brief lesson for the children before they head off to Sunday School

The Word – This includes a reading from either the Old or New Testament, a Psalm, a Gospel reading and the sermon.

The Creed (an affirmation of faith)


The Blessing/Sending

Connecting each of these elements are prayers and hymns. Music is a major part of our service and includes both traditional hymns and contemporary music that is being incorporated into the Lutheran liturgy. As well, our choir offers an anthem all but one Sunday a month. We also have an informal children’s choir that offers its talents on such occasions as Christmas Eve.

While traditional is structure, our service tends to be rather informal.
The day’s bulletin contains the order of worship.

We welcome all to join us for communion – if the Spirit moves you to come to the table, we don’t get in the way. Besides the usual communion wafers and wine, we offer gluten-free wafers and grape juice options.

There is a family area the back of the sanctuary stocked with crayons and colouring pages for children, as well as a nursery for babies and toddlers (if they don’t want to sit in the pews). Sunday School is offered whenever children are present and all children are welcome to take part. The children rejoin the service in time for communion.

Normally, our regular Sunday services run about an hour to an hour and a quarter in length. However, whenever there is a special moment, such as a baptism, or if it is a special day in the liturgical calendar (Christmas, Easter or Pentecost) the services will be a bit longer.

Click above to see Timeline of church events by year.

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