Mission Statement: The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour desires to be a community of Christians whose faith is active in love.

Music at LCOS

Music plays an important role in Lutheran liturgies.

Martin Luther (1483-1548) was not only a theologian and a reformer, he was also a musician and a composer. In the reform of the liturgy, he gave community singing a renewed role. He composed about thirty chorales, and, with other musicians, a hymn book. He asked that singing be taught in schools. The role Luther wanted music to have contributed to the incredible development of this art in German-speaking countries.

So naturally, music is an important part of life at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour.

Our choir plays a role in our worship life.

The choir, which numbers about 12, leads the congregation in song and offers a choir anthem as part of three Sunday services each month. The choir always welcomes new members. For more information, contact Music Director Sharon MacKenzie-Jordan at sharonmacjordan@gmail.com

As well, LCOS is home to members and attendees who have a variety of musical talents. On any given Sunday, people taking part in the worship service may hear an organ, or a piano, or a violin, or a French horn or a flute or an occasional guitar as part of the liturgy. 

Once a year, the congregation takes part in a Chicago Folk Service – a Lutheran service dating back to the early 1970s. The folk service is intended to be sung in its entirety and is accompanied by our “house band” featuring the French horn, flute and drum.

Twice a year, the children of the congregation come together as the Children’s Joy Choir to lend their voices to a service.

For more information on LCOS’s music ministry, please contact Sharon.

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