Mission Statement: The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour desires to be a community of Christians whose faith is active in love.


The Lutheran Church of Our Saviour is active in providing community housing (previously called ‘social housing’) in Owen Sound through our affiliated non-profit corporation, Lutheran Social Services (LSS).

The cornerstone of this ministry is St. Francis Place, an eight-storey, 78-unit apartment building that provides supportive housing and regular housing for seniors or residents with special needs. There is a combination of full-market-rent and subsidized units.

LSS also operates Corbet Place, is a condominium-type building that is operated on a not-for-profit basis. The units are occupied under life leases.

A third affiliated non-profit corporation is Lutheran Outreach Ministries (LOM), which supports the work of Lutheran Social Services.

Members of the congregation are also active in other forms of ministry.

Members of our quilting group meet weekly to create prayer quilts.

These quilts are provided to members of the congregation and their families in times of medical or spiritual distress, or as a sign of congregational love and support for those being baptized. As well, a number of these quilts are provided annually to the Canadian Lutheran World Relief for dispersal around the globe.

Related to the quilting effort, the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour hosts monthly meeting of a local knitting group. The group provides knitted items for area veterans. Other knitted items created by members of the congregation include infant pneumonia vests, which are provided to hospitals around the world to protect babies from illness.

As well, members of the congregation volunteer with a number of area groups such as: 

  • OSHaRE – an Owen Sound organization that provides meals to the area’s hungry.
  • We Care Bags – an annual initiative by the Canadian Lutheran World Relief that ships urgently needed supplies around the world.
  • Sarge’s SOUL Legacy is a ministry that calls the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour home. SOUL (Show Only Unconditional Love) provides hand-knit articles for people who live SOUL. The articles are created by Beth Gendron, a member of the congregation, and are sold with all the proceeds gifted the church and to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Custom orders are also available. For more information, email bethgen@wightman.ca
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